About Our Restaurant

Even before Greens & Vines opened its doors in 2012, it was known as Licious Dishes, a Raw Vegan Kitchen making 4 rotating Meal Plans for its customers to take home and assemble before eating. Sylvia Thompson started Licious Dishes on May 1, 2007, as a way of proving to herself and her husband, Pete, that she could produce Raw Vegan Gourmet food. When Star-Advertiser Food Critic Nadine Kam had selected Licious Dishes as an Ilima Award winner in 2011, her husband finally agreed that her food was good enough to start a restaurant, and the next day she was peering through the windows of the future Greens & Vines.

In 2013, the restaurant was awarded the Hale Aina's Bronze Medal for Best Vegetarian Restaurant. In 2014, the restaurant was honored with the Hale Aina's Silver Medal.

The Morphing of Greens & Vines’ Mission Statement

Year 2012: “Share the Lifestyle”
Sylvia Thompson began cooking vegan meals after her husband Pete had a heart attack two days after Thanksgiving 2003. “When Pete’s cardiologist had me bring our Will to the hospital, my heart pounded loudly and I cried.” Pete was to have a stent implanted in his blocked artery the following day, and he vowed to never return to the hospital again. “Our friend Becky (Woodland) had dropped off a copy of Dr. Dean Ornish’s book, REVERSING HEART DISEASE, as well as her cookbook, The Blonde Vegetarian, to Pete the day before. After his procedure in the morning, Pete called me and said, “I’m alive. Let’s be vegans.” The couple started their vegan journey January 1, 2004.

With guidelines from the Ornish book, Sylvia experimented with various “vegetarian” recipes leaving out the creams and cheeses, and cutting back and out the oils used. She soon realized that eating “clean” vegan meals was more satisfying to the palate than those filled with greasy dairy.

Pete decided to take his health and healing into his own hands when told by his doctor that he’d have to take the powerful drugs “for the rest of (his) life.” They enrolled in the Coronary Health Improvement Program (CHIP), a month-long seminar put together by Hans Diehl, the lead researcher for the late Dr. Pritikin. The seminar showed international studies with conclusive evidence that the Western the Standard American Diet (SAD) including animal products, refined, and fast foods, and the sedentary lifestyle are the major cause of diseases of this century such as Diabetes, Cancer, Arteriosclerosis, Osteoporosiss, Obesity, etc. Within 18 months, Pete was off all of his meds.

The couple re-enrolled in to CHIP, the following year, 2006, and Sylvia volunteered to cook for CHIP since the food left a lot to be desired. She felt that people would have a hard time making the change to vegan if the food was bland. She wanted to change the mantra of vegan food or “healthy eating” as bland, to vegan is vibrant and flavorful. Greens & Vines’ first year mission statement is a reflection of that goal.

Year 2013: “Raw Vegan Gourmet Goes Glam”
That year saw many wine events paired with ethnic tapas. Design and plating was the order of the day and foods associated with fine dining were created and executed at a higher level.

In August, eleven Italian wines were paired with a slew of Italian tapas plates. New items were developed for the pairing menus such as the Caesar Salad, Beet Ravioli, Olive Tapenade, Sunflower Seed Risotto, etc.

salad  beet  tapenade

In September, four Sakes and the world’s Number One Beer Trappistes Rochefort 10 Ale were paired with five Japanese Tapas. Asian Salad. Spicy Walnut “Ahi” Sushi, Namasu and Pickled Ginger. Alii Mushroom & Miso “Abalone” with Sea Asparagus on Sea Kelp Noodles. Zucchini Unagi on Nori “Skin” Cauli-Sushi Rice, Shiso Leaf, Lotus Root, Pea Sprouts. Green Tea Watermelon Flan.

salad  sushi  unagi  tea flan

In October, seven Winemakers were followed from their vineyards to the table in a movie, A Year in Burgundy, in a wine class lead by Master Sommelier Roberto Viernes. While the winemakers swirled their glasses of wine, the class swirled their glasses of wines from those makers, and 6 tapas plates and 3 desserts were served. Black Truffle n Morel Mushrooms on Celery Root “Noodles” & Asparagus (Sylvia had a similar dish while in France). Crimini Escargot Skewers Sunflower Seed Croutons and MacNut Garlic “Butter”. Apples n MacNut Cheez n Crackers. Limoncello (palate cleanser). Coco Puffs with Strawberries. Cuban “Cigar” w/Chocolate Banana Filling and Mango “Paper” Shredded Coconut “Ashes” were standout items.

truffles  escargot  cheese  cigar

Our First Anniversary Party Buffet with Jazz on the Patio (Oct. 28th) with 80 RSVPS, ended up with 100.

Years 2014—2015: Join the “Raw Vegan Gourmet Movement”
The word “Sustainable” is the latest buzzword, but when the Slow Food Movement combined it with Meat, Sylvia quit being a member, and studied the environmental issues regarding the impact of meat. In line with the Movement Mission, FOOD ETHICS 101, A Meet-up will be held the LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH, 12-2PM. It started on January 25, 2015 with the showing of COWSPIRACY, The Sustainable Secret, and includes A Vegan Potluck (bring a dish), BYOB okay (bring your own glass), discussion and planning for the next Meet-up. RSVP 536-9680.